What is Camflare?

Camflare - record video in your browser

Camflare is a simple and effective solution to record audio and video remotely without downloading any apps. Perfect if you need content from contributors anywhere in the world.

Set up a session, adjust your settings, and send out a link. Even include a prompter. A click takes your talent into the studio to record and upload directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Get the content you need the easy way with Camflare.

More Guides to Camflare

simple video recording app

Simple Video Recording Tool

Camflare is the perfect online video recording tool for requesting and receiving hot takes and short clips direct to your dropbox. Free for 30 second clips.

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tech news daily podcast

Tech News Daily Podcast

Tech News Daily is a podcast sponsored by Camflare.io - an essential listen to catch up with the latest information in the ever changing tech world.

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Video Recording Link

Online Video Recording

Looking for an easy-to-use online video recording tool with a built-in teleprompter? Camflare is the perfect solution. Record high quality video now.

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