Camflare Launches Affiliate Program

Camflare is a unique, simple and innovative platform for recording video and sending it to the people that have requested it. It’s just brilliant for remote podcasts, onsite events, meetings, education and learning and so much more. It even comes with a script prompter, where you can paste your scripts for voiceovers, auditions and speeches.

Our team’s aim was to create a recording eco system which allows admins and contributors the ability record across devices/platforms without the need to have a masters in video production.

Camflare and allows you to connect your Dropbox account for a seamless, flexible and secure distributed storage solution. This allows you to access recorded video from any device.

It was created in lockdown 2020 as a perfect work from home solution.

Our users now include major podcast hosts, brands and universities.

Become an affiliate

If you run a relevant complementary brand, social media channel or community which you believe would be interested in joining the Camflare affiliate program, then why not apply? Unlike other affiliate programs, Camflare offers a simple way to bring in extra revenue.

If you are accepted you will earn money for every paid sign up. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 10% cash back for every successful initial (Not recurring) cleared subscription ($/£6 for Professional $8/£8 for Professional Plus) with referrals finalised at the end of the calendar month and paid within 30 days.
  • No cap on earning.
  • A custom referral link and promo code, along with access to our brand assets and custom graphics for your campaigns.
  • Simple topline reports.
  • VIP Support - Our referral partners will be a select and verified bunch, meaning that if you join us you will have a direct line to our team to discuss ideas and receive support.

And…we don’t restrict you on using your code as part of a campaign for Social Media Ads or Google Ads.

Apply now

Contact our team here - and choose the drop down ‘Become an affiliate’.

Submit your details and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours. 

You will then be invited to a short video call to discuss your business with a member of our team. On that call you will be asked about what you do, how Camflare is relevant to your business and your plans for campaigns.

We hope you can see this great opportunity of becoming a Camflare affiliate and we cannot wait for you to join us on this exciting journey.

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