Guide to Camflare

Our guide to getting the most
out of Camflare

Streamyard using Camflare local recording

Record Streamyard in better quality with Camflare

Better quality Streamyard recording with Camflare's remote local recording solution. Record in Chrome, iOS and Android.

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Video Company Remote Recording

Remote content for video production companies

Request video content from contributors using a link to a virtual online on app-based recording studio which automatically sends the recording back to you.

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Camflare users with mobile phone filming

Camflare Service Update

Camflare service update from 1st Feb 2021. Request and receive high quality video and audio to your Dropbox with Camflare.

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Influencer Recording Video Campaign

Creating an influencer video campaign

How to create an effective influencer video campaign. Get recorded videos for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook delivered to your Dropbox. Sign up for free.

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smartphone video recording app

Get your audience to film your event video

Get your audience to film and deliver video and audio content for your virtual event highlights video or podcasts with a free recording apps that connect with Dropbox.

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Xmas Apps

Best Ways To Spend A Virtual Christmas

How to spend Christmas safely and virtually this year with the best apps and games. Brought to you by Camflare, an essential remote tool for 2021.

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Camflare is perfect for recording your wedding videos

Film your wedding video with Camflare

Make it easy for all your friends to film your wedding with our app and send the high quality footage straight back to you so you can edit together a video of your special day.

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Camflare recording with teleprompter for students at uni

Record videos for university coursework with a teleprompter

Camflare is a great way to record and send your university coursework using an in built teleprompter. Copy and paste your script, press record and confidently deliver you work for your tutor.

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Video Vox Pops with Camflare Teleprompter

What is a Vox Pop and why are they great for business?

What is a Vox Pop and why are they great for instilling trust into your customers and clients? Video Vox Pops are especially effective and producing them with Camflare is easy.

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On Camera Confidence Tips

Tips to be more confident on camera

Get confident in front of the camera with these great tips. Use them in conjunction with Camflare to deliver great video presentations. Camflare video recording with teleprompter.

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American Football Sports Fans Content Gathering

Fans' video content at sporting events

Use Camflare to send sports fans a link to record content from the stands or from home if they are watching on TV. Camflare iOS and Android Apps are free and great quality.

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Camflare iOS App

Camflare mobile app iOS & Android

Camflare native mobile app for iOS and Android gives you the power to request and receive high quality video and audio files from your contributors.

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Notifications Camflare Alert

Instant Recording Notifications

Record video and audio with our browser studio, mobile app and desktop apps. Simple to use and free for 2020 - sign up at

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iPhone 12 Launch

Apple iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, Pro Max Launch

Apple iPhone 12 Launch - mini, pro, pro max. Use iPhone with Camflare to provide the best quality mobile studio ever. Sign up for free at

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Camflare Workforce Business

How Camflare can work for your business

Camflare is a scalable video studio, delivering you video and audio back to your dropbox. One link, unlimited possibilities. Sign up for free at

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