Guide to Camflare

Our guide to getting the most out of Camflare

American Football Sports Fans Content Gathering

Fans Video Content at Sporting Events

Use Camflare to send sports fans a link to record content for online, or live content during the event. Use Camflare's new mobile app to deliver higher quality video and audio from their iOS o

Camflare iOS App

Camflare Mobile App iOS & Android

Camflare native mobile app for iOS and Android is in development. Giving you the power to receive higher quality video and audio files. Sign up today at

Notifications Camflare Alert

Instant Recording Notifications

Record video and audio with our browser studio, mobile app and desktop apps. Simple to use and free for 2020 - sign up at

iPhone 12 Launch

Apple iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, Pro Max Launch

Apple iPhone 12 Launch - mini, pro, pro max. Use iPhone with Camflare to provide the best quality mobile studio ever. Sign up for free at

Camflare Workforce Business

How Camflare can work for your business

Camflare is a scalable video studio, delivering you video and audio back to your dropbox. One link, unlimited possibilities. Sign up for free at

Story of Camflare

Platform Update - Max Recording Length

Camflare introduces recording limits feature in your sessions. Defaulted to 20 mins, but changablable from 30 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minute increments.

Online Video Recorder

Browser Video Recorder

What is a Browser Video Recorder? All you need is Chrome browser on your laptop or desktop and a webcam and microphone.

Online Video Recorder

New Feature - Pin Code Studio

Camflare is an online browser video recorder which is scalable now let's you send a studio pin code to your entire global audience. Sign up for free at

lockdown closed

Lockdown, How Camflare Can Help

Record audio and video, remotely - perfect for working environments in lockdown. Encourages less travel and an organised workflow. Try free today -

Mariah Carey Camflare Video Celebrity

Start A Celebrity Video Platform

Start a celebrity video messaging platform with and get recordings from anyone, anywhere with ease! Video messages from experts too is a great way to make revenue!

Camflare Mobile App

Use your mobile camera with Camflare

Camflare is the world’s connected studio, distributing a video recorder to anyone, anywhere that has with one link. Record, download and send the footage straight back!


Camflare Update, September 2020

Camflare is the video recorder for the cloud, the camera Dropbox never had and the perfect tool to help you record and communicate in the online world. Sign up for free at

IT Team

Save your IT team time

Save your IT team time by using screen recordings via Camflare. A quick video from a tab or an entire screen makes this an efficient way to report and sort problems, without the need for a live ca


Collaboration for Creative Teams

Ask any creative and you’ll know that they’re all used to working on their own for long periods of time. Camflare is a great tool for creativity and it's free. So, start exploring yours to

teleprompter tips

Tips for Teleprompter Greatness

Get better confidence when recording videos by using a teleprompter. Camflare has one built in and is a breeze to use - keeping you focussed and you eye line on point!