Guide to Camflare

Our guide to getting the most
out of Camflare

Video Recording Link

Online Video Recording

Looking for an easy-to-use online video recording tool with a built-in teleprompter? Camflare is the perfect solution. Record high quality video now.

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Thumbs Up Dropbox Capture and Camflare

Dropbox Capture and Camflare explained

Dropbox has released Dropbox Capture, a new video capture solution - but how is it different to Camflare? Let's explain so you can make the best choice.

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Testimonial Player

Do Video Testimonials Work?

Remotely capture video testimonials. Boost conversion on your website and social media channels. Video testimonials grow your business and show success.

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Dropbox Camflare Video Recording

Dropbox features Camflare video recording app

Dropbox recently featured Camflare on their blog, to document the journey of the creation of the popular video recording app.

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Work team

Boost moral with a quickfire team video

Working remotely has many benefits, but can often leave people feeling disconnected. Here's how you can promote team bonding from home.

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Video Recording Link

Request Videos From Anyone With a Link

Request videos from anyone with a link. Quickly and easily receive video files from your contributors, customers and collaborators. Simple to use and set up.

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Birthday Video Message

Collect and Share Celebratory Video Messages for Free

Easily request and collect birthday video messages from your friends, family and colleagues to create celebratory video montages for any occasion. It's free!

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Video Voicemail For Dropbox Users

The Complete Guide to Using Camflare

The complete guide on setting up Camflare and start recording unlimited contributors anywhere in the world. Camflare is the app that simplifies video gathering.

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Webcam Privacy Cover

Do I Need to Cover my Webcam?

Many cyber security experts will tell you it's a good idea to cover your laptop's webcam with opaque tape or a sticker to protect your privacy.

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Clubhouse App

Recording App for Clubhouse

Member of Clubhouse? Wish you could record the conversation and send it to your friends? Use Camflare's simple recording app now.

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The Camflare Journey

Camflare - Startup Journey

Why was Camflare created? How can it help save time and money for companies, brands and freelancers requiring high quality recorded video and audio?

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Neil Perry Archant Media

Video Comments for News, Articles and Blogs

Add a recording button on your website and get video and audio comments from your readers. Great for publishers, bloggers and businesses of any size.

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Video Production Company Interview

Time Saving Tool for Video Production Agencies

Time and cost saving tool for video production companies. Give your clients the ability to record themselves and receive the videos on your Dropbox.

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Rugby fans have their say with Camflare

Sports Fans Have Their Say

Allow sports fans to have their say by uploading video comments during games. It comes straight back to you, ready to use on social, broadcast and campaigns.

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Social Media Influencer Gamer

Video Hot Takes for Influencers

Generate video hot takes from your audience easily with Camflare, a unique solution for placing an online video recording app in the hands of your followers.

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