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Video Marketing With Camflare

Camflare is the perfect tool for marketeers to produce content for online video marketing.

It's proven that video provides a deeper engagement with your audience than just text alone and has the ability to offer rich authentic content - like feedback and testimonial videos. 

Using Camflare to reach out to your audience is the perfect way to generate bespoke content, quickly and hassle free.

With Camflare your brand can be up and running within a few seconds. 

Your marketing team can create a session and share a recording link with audiences of any size. The only limit is your cloud storage and creativity. (If you have a 2TB Dropbox attached, you'll have thousands of minutes available to you!)
A great feature for marketing is the ability to add a studio link expiration date, meaning that if you wanted to open up a window of opportunity for your audience - you can. Set a time from 12 hours to 30 days, or leave it unlimited if it's an on going project.

We've already mentioned feedback and testimonial videos, but what about competition mechanics, funny videos, messages or reviews. In fact any content that brings that personal connection to your brand will be extremely useful for your marketing.

Take the video reviews concept and apply this to a restaurant brand. The marketing team can create a session and share with their social audiences within seconds. The audience can provide their 1 minute reviews of dishes or their best experiences at the restaurant. All this is with the safe knowledge that these videos are going direct to you, not to the world on social media...just yet.
The marketing team can then pass the content on by using Camfare's new sharing option. This is great if there's post production to be carried out, or the team can just upload the videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

As repetition builds reputation, videos from Camflare can build your brand's trust and reach out to millions around the world.

If you would like to try out Camflare for marketing, join for free at

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