Do Video Testimonials Work?

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Every business or brand can benefit from integrating customer testimonials as part of their marketing plan, especially if delivered as high quality videos.

Video testimonials are a chance for you to show your website visitors, social media followers and prospective clients how great you are. 

It’s a way to demonstrate your success and how well you partner with other businesses. 

In 2021 it’s easy to see why video testimonials are an essential part of any successful marketing campaign.

Creating professional videos has always been high cost. Camflare has changed all that!


Caroline R, CMO & Camflare User

Video Testimonial Stats

Here are some demonstrable facts and figures which show how video testimonials can really help boost a business.

But probably the most exciting stat is that websites displaying video testimonials saw a 45% uplift in organic traffic, compared to those who didn’t (

Also...don't forget that video testimonials don't only live just on your website. They can be hosted and tagged on various video hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and used in email, LinkedIn DMs & InMail and offline presentations too.

In fact video testimonials, as part of a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation, are particularly effective when conducting a meeting and showcasing content to try and sign up  a new client.

Best Video Testimonial Examples

Listed below are a small selection of great video testimonials that have been created by companies around the world.

They are simple, clear and to the point, holding the attention of the viewer throughout.

Start collecting video testimonials

After reading the above information and watching the video examples, we hope you can clearly see that video testimonials are something you need to consider when putting together your marketing plan.

And here's how we can help.

Camflare is our new online remote video recorder. And it's game changing for remote video testimonials. 

You can now collect a great looking HD video testimonials from any client or customer, located anywhere in the world and from any device. iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet and browser on PC or Mac.

Camflare gives you the power of sending one simple link which connects your clients to a professional online recording studio.

It pairs with their webcam, or mobile camera, to record high quality video and audio. It’s so simple to use and you can send the recording link to as many clients as you want.

Once your clients have recorded their video, it auto-magically uploads to your Dropbox, ready to pick up anywhere. 

It’s so incredibly useful - and if you're only collecting 30 seconds of video, it's completely free, forever!

Why not try recording in our studio by clicking the link below. Within seconds you'll see that Camflare is the perfect platform for your clients and customers to record engaging testimonial videos.

Need help with remote video post production?

webvid creative agency
If you need help with putting your testimonial videos together, then drop our partner WEBVID an email.

Their expert video production team have created testimonial videos for an enviable list of brands including American Express GBT,  DASSAULT SYSTÈMES and Post Office.

Headquartered in London, they work with companies all over the world.

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