Do Video Testimonials Work?

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Creating professional videos has always been high cost. Camflare has changed all that!


Caroline R, CMO & Camflare User

Video Testimonial Stats

Here are some demonstrable facts and figures which show how video testimonials can really help boost a business.

But probably the most exciting stat is that websites displaying video testimonials saw a 45% uplift in organic traffic, compared to those who didn’t (

Also...don't forget that video testimonials don't only live just on your website. They can be hosted and tagged on various video hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and used in email, LinkedIn DMs & InMail and offline presentations too.

In fact video testimonials, as part of a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation, are particularly effective when conducting a meeting and showcasing content to try and sign up a new client.

Best Video Testimonial Examples

They are simple, clear and to the point, holding the attention of the viewer throughout.

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Need help with remote video post production?

webvid creative agency

Their expert video production team have created testimonial videos for an enviable list of brands including American Express GBT,  DASSAULT SYSTÈMES and Post Office.

Headquartered in London, they work with companies all over the world.

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