Request Videos From Anyone With a Link

Video Recording Link
There are many occasions you may require a video from someone.

It could be for a speech, a presentation or customer feedback on your product or service. Or It might be for a celebratory birthday message, where you would need to gather videos from people in many different locations.

Camflare makes this so easy to achieve, with no stress.

Camflare acts as an extension to Dropbox, placing simple video recording tools in the hands of your contributors. They don’t even need to log in, just click on the link you send and press record, using their webcam or their mobile device camera.

Nothing is simpler to use.

At the end of the recording, their recording automagically uploads to your Dropbox, giving you the ability to retrieve the file in Camflare or in your Dropbox app.

Getting started with Camflare is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Connect a Dropbox account in a click
  2. Create a video session 
  3. Send the link to your contributors

Who uses Camflare?

From global publishing companies (Mark Allen Group, Emap, Incisive Media, Haymarket USA) to broadcasters like PBS is the USA. 

Camflare is a quick and handy tool to deploy when you need a soundbite, video testimonial or more. 

Why our customers trust Camflare

Our clients love Camflare as their recorded videos transfer directly to their Dropbox - nothing gets stored by our platform. 

It’s always on and ready to use, and our simplicity means that questions from contributors are rare. It’s just a no-brainer solution for collecting videos, that just works

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