Encourage User Generated Content

At home tutorials are a cheap, accessible and hugely popular way to learn new skills.

The demand for them is indisputable - but the market has also become saturated, and it can be a challenge to entice and engage new viewers to your channel, whether you’re creating at-home workouts, yoga tutorials, teaching art and crafts or whatever your personal talent might be!
For this reason, it’s more important than ever that you make sure that you’re reaching out and making your brand unique to attract attention.

That’s where User Generated Content (USG) comes into play. 
Encouraging your viewers to send in their own videos of what you’re teaching them is great for your brand. Most obviously - it’s a quick way for you to boost your content output by sharing what you’re sent, without having to spend money on marketing and advertising. It also increases your brand reach as featured contributors are likely to share this kind of content. Followers will be excited at the chance to be featured and this is definitely something you can use to your advantage.It’s also a really nice way to keep in touch with your audience demographic - see who they are, and the aspects of your work that they most enjoy, so that you can tailor your content and ensure that you’re keeping it relevant. 

Authenticity is at the forefront of content creation as people begin to trust influencers less and are looking for someone they can believe in. Showcasing real people who enjoy your content gives your brand a personal feel, allowing you to build that trust and gain new, like-minded followers.The whole concept of tutorial videos lines them up perfectly for this kind of content as you’re encouraging them to participate in what you’re teaching. Aside from the benefits to your following, it can be genuinely lovely to see people enjoying and benefiting from what you do. 

The easiest way to gather this information is with Camflare.All you need to do is sign up for free - you just need your email address for this - and connect your Dropbox account. 

Once you’re in, create a new session for users to send their content, selecting the option for ‘automatic upload’. 

Copy this link and use it in your videos, tweets and Instagram posts, encouraging your followers to upload their videos with one simple click. 

From here, Camflare does all the work for you, collating the videos so that they’re saved in one place on your Dropbox without your followers having to download a thing!Give it a go for free right now, just sign up at camflare.io

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