Enhance Zoom, Hangouts & Skype Video Content

Quality digital video content is growing, especially as the pandemic continues to cause lockdowns around the world. 

Digital video content comes in many forms, from presentations for share holders and internal comms to external video podcasts and presentations for broadcast.

The majority of video content being shared today is being created with familiar meeting solutions - like Zoom, Teams, Skype, Hangouts, GotoWebinar, Webex - amongst many others.

These meeting platforms have rocketed in users, with Zoom being the standout star - rising from 10 million to over 200 million daily users. These are incredible stats which have turned Zoom’s founder into a billionaire overnight.

Online meeting platforms have become a staple software solution to chat with colleagues and guests around the globe. Corporate marketing managers and podcasters have also adopted these for producing video interviews. They offer low latency and private chat, but they all lack one huge feature which is integral to creating great looking content. 

The quality of recording. 

Why is this? Simple, they record in the cloud which means the quality depends on the strength and consistency of each internet connection. If someone drops off or jitters, their video does too.

So, what’s the solution to make sure that if you are connecting with a meeting app, the recording is the best it can be? 

Just make sure everyone on the call has a Camflare window open and are wearing headphones. Easy.

Connect your cloud storage, create a session and send the link to all of the participants.

On the Voip call ask everyone to press record and once finished instruct them to press the up arrow. This will transfer the files back to you. As redundancy, make sure they download a local copy - just in case.

Once you have all the files back you can then sync them back together and create quality content.

This was how the video at the top of this page was created.

Try Camflare today for free to enhance your content from Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, Skype and other meetings platforms. Just sign up with your email at camflare.io

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