Streamlined Troubleshooting

IT Team
If you're in an industry that requires you to be constantly solving problems, such as an IT technician, you might be finding it tricky to get customers to articulate what their issue is over an email.

Of course, the ideal solution is for you to be in front of the problem itself, rather than having to view it second hand remotely. However, it seems likely remote working is here to stay, so it's time to look for solutions. 

This is where Camflare comes in. Clients can click a link - set up in seconds by you - and send in videos that show and explain the problem for you. 

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*No credit card details needed, just use your email.

Give it a go

Our recording studio can be accessed on mobile devices (via our iOS and Android free apps) or simply in Chrome browser without even logging in.

To test it out, just click the button below. 

If you're on a desktop or laptop device then you'll be taken to our in-browser recorder in a new Chrome tab. 

If you're reading this on a mobile device then you'll be directed to the App store or Google Play to download the free Camflare app.

Once inside you will see our easy to use recorder, where the controls are self explanatory. 

The settings cog is where you can change your audio / video inputs. Once the recording if finished, the client will be prompted to label their recording and then it will upload - directly to your Dropbox.

Camflare is much more...

This is just one example of the many uses for Camflare.

Camflare is a simple to use platform which not only allows you record yourself. It's a recording studio you can send to anybody, anywhere!

If you need someone to record content for you, then just send them the link.

And that 1 link doesn't just have to go to 1 person, send it to however many people you need to record. Seriously, send it to your entire company or social media audience.

Camflare connects to Dropbox, so all the videos seamlessly just appear in your account.

You can also share files easily with non Camflare members & embed a record button on your website - with no coding knowledge needed.

*Connect a free Dropbox and get around 110 minutes of storage. Upgrade to a paid plan and have space for thousands of hours.

👉 Sign up now for 1 month completely free. 
*No credit card details needed, just use your email.

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