Video Casting Calls with Camflare

Camflare Mobile App
Camflare allows you to collect unlimited audition tapes from casting applicants, with just one simple link! 

Use your email to sign up, and connect your Dropbox with a couple of clicks. 

Create a session with the project title, then send it straight out to all your applicants, ready for them to record. 

Then all you have to do it sit back and wait for the auditions to come to you. 🎬

An added bonus is our script teleprompter, which comes up on screen while auditionees record,  fully controllable in size and speed. No more sticky notes.

No more complicated processes. Set up a casting video link in seconds.

It's incredibly simple to use and set up. 👍

👉 Sign up now for 1 month completely free. 
*No credit card details needed, just use your email.

Try our teleprompter

Our recording studio can be accessed on mobile devices (via our iOS and Android free apps) or simply in Chrome browser without even logging in.

If you'd like to try out our studio before you sign up, you can check it out below. 

If you're on a desktop or laptop device then you'll be taken to our in-browser recorder in a new Chrome tab. 

If you're reading this on a mobile device then you'll be directed to the App store or Google Play to download the free Camflare app.

Once inside you will see our easy to use recorder, where the controls are self explanatory. 

The settings cog is where you can change your audio / video inputs and also adjust the all important teleprompter.

You can change the speed, width and font size and even edit the text (if you allow it).

Can I use Camflare for Voiceover Projects too?

Of course! We've got an audio only option which is perfect for  event voiceovers, radio and podcast adverts and more!

Camflare is a simple to use platform which not only allows you record yourself. It's a recording studio you can send to anybody, anywhere.

If you need someone to record content for you, then just send them the link.

And that 1 link doesn't just have to go to 1 person, send it to however many people you need to record. Seriously, send it to your entire company or social media audience.

Camflare connects to Dropbox, so all the videos seamlessly just appear in your account.

You can also share files easily with non Camflare members & embed a record button on your website - with no coding knowledge needed.

*Connect a free Dropbox and get around 110 minutes of storage. Upgrade to a paid plan and have space for thousands of hours.

👉 Sign up now for 1 month completely free. 
*No credit card details needed, just use your email.

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