What is a Vox Pop and Why are they Great for Business?

Vox pops are a vital part of journalism, actively encouraging the participation of the public, whilst learning and sharing their opinions. 

It’s a helpful method for breaking free of the so-called ‘echo chamber’ by collecting a wide range of views. Traditionally, these are recorded out on the street - getting a random but localised sample of people. 

However, 2020 has not been the year for traditions and vox pops have been no exception. But just because the subjects of your vox pops are behind closed doors, it doesn’t mean they can’t be reached. 

Camflare allows you to send out a single link out with your questions, and our automatic upload feature means that the content will be returned to you via dropbox without you or your audience having to do any work!

Furthermore, the reach of these links has the potential to go further than traditional vox pops could, leading to a much more diverse and interesting range of content. There’s a wealth of insights that vox pops can lead you to, and by opening up your questions to whoever has an opinion, you’re sure to end up with some new ones that you may never before have considered. And for your audience, it gives them a chance to have a voice to talk about what matters to them - a chance that is more important than ever with us all being so distanced from each other. 

So why not reach out today, both to your followers and unreached audiences? Simply sign up to camflare.io and get started with creating Vox Pops today!

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