Fans' Video Content at Sporting Events

We watch sports to feel part of something - whether it’s football, netball, F1, horse racing, gymnastics or more. 

Fans might not be able to show support from the stands (at the moment of writing this), but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to show up. 

Now more than ever, it’s so important to be sharing and supporting each other and feeling connected.

Keep your fans engaging and talking about the sports they love by inviting them to upload their own User Generated Content. They want to show their support for their teams, their favourite players, and do shout-outs to friends and family too. 

Here at Camflare, we’re making it as easy as possible for you to collect these videos and turn them around into great content that keeps fans together, even when we have to be apart!

Simply set up your link on Camflare - choosing if you want video or just audio, setting the max length - and post it out on your socials. 

From here, your fans can record their reactions and shout-outs either on their browsers, or directly from their phones with our new app (available for iOS or Android). 

Best of all - this content comes straight back to you via Dropbox, labelled and organised by folder, allowing you to edit or share straight away! 

User Generated Content is a great way to build your community online. Share reactions on Twitter to spark conversations, and encourage fans to share what they see to spread the word even further. If you’d like to edit the videos to include branding, why not check out our guide to editing here

You can send out links before a game to see people’s predictions, and catch up after for favourite moments, discussions and even questions for the players. However you use it, Camflare is here to take care of the technical aspects, leaving you free to get creative and keep innovating.

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