Browser Video Recorder

Camflare is the ultimate browser video recorder. 

Record and upload videos without downloading any apps - all you need is Chrome browser on your laptop or desktop and an internal or external webcam and microphone. 

If you dig deeper you’ll see that Camflare is a lot, lot more than just that! 

Camflare has a suite of features which allows you to do some really cool things.

You can use Camflare to record your own videos…but Camflare comes into its own when you require content from others. 

  • Send 1 link to an unlimited audience and receive the videos. It’s like having an unlimited number of virtual video recorders, all primed ready to go! And your guests don’t even need to sign in.
  • Connect your Dropbox account to provide flexible, encrypted, trustworthy file storage which can sync with multiple machines and deliver content anywhere you are connected.
  • It has a Teleprompter - a tool which overlays a script on your video so you don’t forget your lines and maintain great eye contact. A real confidence builder.
  • It provides an audio only solution with Teleprompter - when you need to record speeches and podcasts. All delivered as high quality .wav files.

And best still, Camflare is free.

If you need a robust, great quality, flexible video recorder in your browser to save you money and provide you with a unique solution for your business, sign up now at

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