Start a Celebrity Video Platform

2020 has been a year of ups and downs - though one of the shining lights has been innovation in tech and apps, just like Camflare.

One of the big tech areas that has grown is the Celebrity Video Messaging market (I know, who knew?). With apps like Cameo and platforms like CelebVM grossing millions of dollars.

As Camflare is a flexible global video recording application, it lends itself to being the foundation of a service just like the ones mentioned. 

In fact, you could set your own celebrity video messaging platform up and use Camflare as the system to record and deliver your content. And it’s easier than you think!

How so?

Well, imagine you had a network of famous clients and friends and they were keen to earn some extra money. 

Here’s how Camflare could slot nicely into your new revenue generator.

  1. Create a website featuring your famous clients and set their rates for a video message
  2. Join Camflare, attach a Dropbox account and create a session for each of your clients
  3. Send each client their special recording studio link
  4. When you need them to record, send them a notification together with the script and ask them to record it in their studio with the teleprompter
  5. Wait for the recordings to be uploaded to you and then share the link (from within Camflare) with your paying customers
  6. Your customer then has the video, ready to upload to social or play on their desktop

See, it’s easy! 

You’ve gone from nothing to your own celeb video messaging service in a matter of hours! And it’s Camflare’s super simplicity that makes it all possible.

But don’t worry if you don’t have famous friends. What about friends who have an expertise in certain areas (plumbing, design, computers, health and safety), why not sell this style of video instead? People pay for information videos, it’s a great way to turn your passions into a business.

Camflare is the world’s connected video recording platform - connecting with Dropbox and cloud storage, to quickly and flexibly deliver high quality content. 

It’s free for 2020 - so sign up today and give it a try at

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