New Feature - Pin Code Studio

At Camflare we are always listening to feedback, trying to make things simpler and constantly adding new features. 

So it’s with great pleasure that we reveal our latest update.

As we progress towards new native mobile recording apps, we have added a new way for your contributors to enter the studio. With an encrypted pin.

Up until now the only way to share a studio with your audience is by copy and pasting a full url (which you can still do). Now you will also notice that when you generate that url you will also get a one time session only pin code, which can be entered at

When you expire/delete the studio, this code will no longer exist and protect you from anymore uploads.

The feedback we received from our super users suggested this would be a much cleaner way to send out instructions and a nicer way for people to enter the studio for their recordings. 

So we made it!

Find your code by:

  1. Creating a session in Dashboard
  2. Clicking invite in your Dashboard which corresponds with that specific session
  3. The code is located below the traditional url
So, just to recap - you can now invite your audience by asking them to go to and entering a unique pin code. 

This, like the url, is unlimited - share it with the world! 

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months and thank you again for using the only unlimited, scalable, online video recorder in browser.

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