Camflare Service Update

Since we launched, hundreds of people have uploaded and downloaded thousands of hours of audio and video. It’s great to know that our solution has helped you connect with contributors around the world and enhanced your projects.

This email is a reminder that as of 1st Feb 2021, Camflare will no longer be a completely free service. We will still offer a Free Plan, but this has limited features and is recommended for evaluation purposes.

Our Professional Plan will be £25 (in the UK) / $25 USD (outside the UK) per month, billed annually at £240/$240 per user (10% Saving)

If you require multiple accounts and extra features & support, then we offer an Enterprise option on request. Just visit to get in touch with our team who will be only too pleased to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your requirements.

What happens when I log in from 1st Feb?
Your account will be reset and you will be asked to choose a plan.

What happens to my sessions & recordings?
Your sessions will remain, but features will be limited depending on your chosen plan. 

As Camflare doesn’t store any recordings, your uploads to Dropbox are safe.

Can I continue to use my account?
Yes, your account will function as normal until 1st Feb 2021.

The Camflare team hopes to see you on the other side of 1st Feb 2021, as we continue to help you link to contributors with our platform and apps. 

As remote online tools are becoming an essential part of our new working lives, we look forward to innovating and providing a unique service to help you produce great content. 

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