Celebrating Important Moments Long Distanced

How do you make important dates special whilst being long distance from friends, family and loved ones? 

And more recently - how do you make them special even when you’re nearby but have to social distance? 

By now, many of us have experienced a ‘lock-down birthday’, and it’s during these important milestones that we might be feeling the strain of the current social restrictions the hardest. Fortunately, we are living in an amazingly technological age, and we can fully take advantage of this to stay connected, even whilst we must physically stay apart.Why not make a video message to let the people closest to you know how important they are? 

Using Camflare you can easily collect lots of video messages simply by sending out a single link, and all the videos will automatically be stored together on your Dropbox - so you can bypass the time wasting and focus on the message you want to send. 

Video messages can be put together quickly, but they’re also so much more personal - they can be as long or short as you like, and recorded individually or as part of a group. You could also collaborate with each other ahead of time to co-ordinate your message. 

With Camflare, you can write your message ahead of time with our teleprompter. It’s fully controllable so you can read at your own pace. Best of all - once each person is finished recording their piece, it can be sent to your chosen storage location automatically, making it easy to send on to your chosen recipient!Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, baby shower or any other holiday, make it special with Camflare.io

It’s free to sign up, and there’s no limit to the number of videos you can make.

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