Don't Record in the Cloud

Recording in the cloud
Ever wondered why your video recording from online chats and interviews isn’t as good as you’d expect it to be?

Meeting and live chat platforms like Zoom, Hangouts and Teams rely on internet connectivity at each of the participants locations as the recording is made ‘in the cloud’. This method is the reason why it turns out so bad.

It’s just like when you watch the tv news and notice remote guests becoming unintelligible or they lose connectivity completely. 

For us to explain this issue, let’s first Imagine that the cloud is actually in the sky (it’s not btw) and every person connected has a different internet strength, speed and stability. 

The recording happens up there (on the platform’s cloud server), which means if someone drops off, goes out of sync or jitters on the way to the cloud, it is recorded like that and there is nothing you can do to make it better.

Luckily Camflare can help.

By using Camflare it positions the recording at each of the participants local locations - not in cloud, thus removing the reliance on internet reliability. 

Recording at source means the recording is the best it can be, with the equipment you are using.

Just set up a session, copy the link and send it to all participants.

Connect on the meeting platform and ensure that all participants are wearing headphones.

Press record at each Camflare location and when finished hit stop. Upload the video back to your cloud storage location and sync back together in an editing package to create the perfect piece of content. 

No jitters, drop offs or quality issues.

To make sure your audio and video content is the best it can be don’t record in the cloud again, make sure everyone is recording locally with Camflare.

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