Recording App for Clubhouse

Clubhouse is one of the fastest growing apps, for iPhone and iPad users. It's billed as an audio only social network, but it's more like having a large scale conference call mixed with an event.

You can use Clubhouse to broadcast a live podcast style talk, but wouldn't it be great to record it?

With Camflare, you can record high quality audio conversations on Clubhouse by either sending a local link to all participants or just recording the main feed from your profile.

While you're taking part on your iPhone you can use a laptop, desktop or mobile device to capture your local recording.

Once you've finished it sends all the audio in that session back to your Dropbox, where you can then listen again or piece it back together to create a better quality Clubhouse style podcast.

Camflare can also record video, so if you'd rather make a video podcast - that can be done too!

👉 Try it out for free. 
*No credit card details needed, just use your email. 30 seconds max recording.

How does it work?

Simply Connect Camflare to your Dropbox.

Then create a session &  share the link.

You can record in Chrome browser or via our mobile apps.

Features include:

✅ HD Recording
✅ Recording in-browser and mobile app (iOS/Android)
✅ Teleprompter
✅ Audio only sessions
✅ Session expiration
✅ Limit recording length
✅ Branded studio
✅ QR Codes for studios

Why Dropbox?

Dropbox is trusted by over 600 million people worldwide.

Camflare doesn't store any of your videos, they are uploaded directly to your Dropbox giving you peace of mind.

And..It doesn't impact the storage you use for your website hosting.

Don't already have Dropbox? No worries. You can sign up for a free 2gb account and start using Camflare straight away.

*Connect a free Dropbox and get around 110 minutes of storage. Upgrade to a paid plan and have space for thousands of hours.

👉 Try it out for free. 
*No credit card details needed, just use your email. 30 seconds max recording.

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