Create and Share Audition Videos

Easy audition videos

Camflare is the exciting new online tool that captures auditions in an easy and professional way.

Dancers, actors, directors, casting agents and productions companies are finding Camflare the perfect solution for bringing performing artists and potential employers together.

Camflare gives you the freedom to quickly and simply create sessions for your talent to record auditions on their laptop in HD quality - without downloading any apps.

The audition can then be sent directly to your Dropbox for ease of use. If you have the Dropbox app on your computer, it syncs immediately.

Camflare also has a built in teleprompter, which is perfect for providing a script for your talent - giving them the confidence to deliver a great performance.
As well as recording video, Camflare has an audio only option which is perfect for voice overs and script reads. This is great if your talent is auditioning for commercials, podcasts or TV continuity.

As a casting director you can receive auditions and collect them all in one place, on your computer.

Physical auditions take a great deal of time to prepare for. Many hours can go into organising a space, considering social distancing safety, wasting time and missing out on the right talent due to unforeseen circumstances. Camflare offers you the solution to these problems with its accessibility and efficiency - as it is always available, 24 hours a day.
A recent registered user of Cam-flare, who already benefits from its many tools for auditioning, is Shaun from Orlando, Florida. Shaun owns 9 dance studios across 7 states with 42 webcasters working for the company. They have discovered that by using Camflare they can simply connect between their staff working across America. It is a practical and useful way the company can gather auditions in a straightforward and organised manner - via the internet.

If you believe Camflare could benefit your auditioning process you can use it - for free - right now at

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