Effective Video Interviews for Recruitment

Camflare is a must for recruiters and recruitment companies. Our simple video tool gives you the ability to add an extra dimension for you or your clients.

When prospective employees apply for a job it's often difficult to get a real flavour of the candidate from just a written CV alone. That's why in a typical situation you would interview face to face, once you've whittled down a shortlist.

By implementing Camflare's technology in your processes, you can get a better feel of your candidates quickly, by requesting a video CV too. And it doesn't have to stop there. Why not add extra tasks and questions in the interview mix and ask them to create a selection of videos.

Your candidates can feel confident of delivering the best content, as they can load up their CV and scripts in our teleprompter. This means they can give the best representation of themselves possible - and only send the videos they are happy with.

All video interviews can be stored on your secure cloud storage accounts, offering security and flexibility. 

Take the following innovative scenario.

  • You are looking to interview for a new position and you have 3 decision makers in your company.
  • As the Camflare owner you create a new 2gb free Dropbox and connect it to your account.
  • You sync that new account with the other 2 decision makers by installing the Dropbox App on their laptops.
  • You create a session for each candidate and send out a link.
  • One click takes them into the studio.
  • Once they have created a video, they can send back it back to you by pressing the upload arrow.

Once uploaded, it will automatically sync with all connected laptops and your Camflare account, meaning all decision makers get the files instantly for review.

You can rename files in your Camflare account if you want to keep it organised.

Adding video interviewing to your recruitment search is simple and takes a matter of seconds. Why not try this for free now, just join up with your email at camflare.io

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