Your Story with Customer Video Testimonials

The best way to grow your business is by word of mouth, we all know that. Someone tells someone else about how great you are and the buzz builds.

An effective way to do this online is with customer video testimonials, now easy to achieve with Camflare's studio solution. Perfect for embedding on your website or as part of your social media strategy on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Nothing beats an authentic, real, honest opinion from your customer - whether it's a review of a product, service or just fabulous feedback on an experience they have had. Videos like these have been proven to give your marketing a 600% boost.

Here's how you can start creating testimonial videos in less than 60 seconds, on mass with your audience.

  • Log in to Camflare and connect your cloud storage.
  • Create a session and name it 'Customer Video Testimonials'
  • Copy the invite link and paste it into your marketing newsletter or social media post

Ask your customers to click on the link and record and upload their 60 second testimonial. You are only limited on the amount of storage space you have.

Your customers will find it easy as there isn't any login and they are taken directly into the studio.

Once they're happy with their review, they can upload the video straight back to you - organised in your cloud storage.

From there you can download and upload instantly to social platforms without any conversion. But, if you need to edit the video, then just use a free editing platform like ShotCut.

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