Free Video Voicemail for Dropbox

Camflare turns your Dropbox into a huge video and audio recorder which you can use as an online voicemail for your business.

Start accepting video and audio recordings from your customers and create multiple mailboxes for different departments in your business.

Video voicemail is an awesome way for your customers to connect with you and show you their requirements, point out an issue or ask advice.

Great for local businesses (e.g estate agents, retailers, hairdressers, restaurants) as well as online shops and recruitment agencies.
Video Voicemail For Dropbox Users

Is it easy?

It's super simple.

When your customers click your link they will be directed to either the Camflare browser or mobile app.

From there it's just a click of the record button to capture a message. 

When they are happy, they simply press the upload button and their message comes straight back to you.

We told you it was simple. 😀

Camflare on your website

Start inviting your customers and potential clients to leave you messages by adding a Camflare button to your website or emails.

You don't need to know any code, just copy and paste into your website and it will appear, instantly ready to accept recordings.
Record Now

Why do I need Dropbox?

Dropbox is where your messages are stored. Camflare doesn't keep copies of any of your videos or audio files, which makes it completely secure and trustworthy.

If you don't already have a Dropbox for your business you can easily sign up for their Basic plan for free below.

Dropbox Basic will give you 2GB of storage space, enough for 110 minutes of video messages or way more audio messages.

If you do already have a Dropbox account, it takes less than 5 seconds to connect it to Camflare.

How much does it cost?

For messages up to 30 seconds Camflare is completely free, forever!

No credit card details, just sign up with your email and you'll be ready to add online video and audio voicemail to your Dropbox (and business) in seconds.

No catch, just free video voicemail. Give it a try right now.

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