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Buying, selling, renting, marketing and inventorying properties have all been uniquely challenging in the face of Covid. It’s brought aspects to a standstill, and had severe impacts where movements have been made. Thankfully, unlike in the first lockdown, the Government has published clear rules and guidance on what can be done during the current lockdown, which at least brings a little certainty back into the market. 

As the market reopens, the most important part is to keep people safe. Video viewings can’t totally replace in-person viewings, but they can reduce the number of people travelling to and from a place, by giving potential buyers a better idea of whether a property is right for them before they visit.

Video gives a much clearer sense of a room’s space, compared to a photo. It also helps the viewer to see how the rooms fit together, and see aspects that might be missed in photos.

Implementing Camflare into your marketing plan can help to streamline the process for creating video tours. Create a single link per property, and videos can be sent straight into your Dropbox from the phone it was recorded on. You might have someone going round, or alternatively might want to reduce contact by asking current tenants to make the videos. Lock recording in Camflare to the orientation you prefer (landscape/ portrait), and select the ‘prompt for name’ option so that the tenant can label by room.


  • Download recordings
  • Recordings up to 30 seconds in duration
  • Record video up to 720p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • One concurrent admin user



Pay annually save 20% $240

  • Download recordings
  • Recordings up to 20 minutes in duration
  • Record video up to 720p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • One concurrent admin user


  • Download recordings
  • Extended recording duration
  • Record video up to 1080p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • Add your own logo to the studio
  • Unlimited concurrent admin users

* Maximum recording resolution when using Camflare's mobile app. Recordings made in web browser will match the maximum resolution of the camera connected.

Where an inventory needs to be done, you can select video or audio only as needed. These property notes will be uploaded directly to the notetaker’s Dropbox, without needing to be saved to the recorder’s phone, or email over later.

Tips for video viewings

When videoing a property, make sure you think about the following:

  • Speed: how fast are you moving? Is there time for the viewer to take everything in?

  • Field of view: Can everything be seen? Tilt slowly from floor to ceiling, rotate around the room, taking time for key features such as furniture, fireplaces, and plug sockets. 

  • Lighting: Turn on lights before you start filming, and make sure all the features are clear.

  • Use audio: Don’t forget video also gives you the opportunity to talk to the potential buyer through the details of the house, so give them your sales pitch as you go.

  • Orientation: Camflare allows you to fix the orientation before the recording begins, so you can stick to the format you think shows off your property the best. 

  • Break it up: Consider breaking your recording into shorter chunks - by room or by floor, for example.

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Staying Safe on site

Once videos have been recorded and reviewed by your potential buyers, you will be able to move onto the in-person viewing. Make sure you pass on guidance to your viewers about how they can make their visit as safe as possible for all involved.

  • Viewings should be held by appointment only, so no ‘Open Houses’

  • Where possible, current tenants should not be in the property

  • Everyone in the property must wear a mask, unless medically exempt

  • Before entering the property, ensure all visitors use hand sanitizer, and put on gloves is possible

  • All internal doors should be opened before people arrive, to avoid the number of surfaces being touched, and doors and handles should be wiped down before and after the visit

  • If anyone involved has a current positive Covid result, is self isolating or experiencing symptoms, the viewing should be postponed until a later date

How are you handling the housing market in these times?

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