Is your Meeting Necessary?

No matter what line of work you’re in, meetings are pretty much always going to be an inescapable part of it. As we pressed pause on the physical meeting back in March, many of us found that productiveness went up as no more time was wasted travelling from place to place attending meetings in other offices. These physical meetings were quickly replaced by the current era of Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. 

In so many ways, this ability to access and communicate with each other is an incredible thing, and meetings can be great for inspiring ideas and keeping everyone on the same page with projects. However, on the flip side of this with the online meeting you are more accessible than ever, and meetings can often interrupt working days, take time to organise, and may not even be the most efficient way to achieve your goals. 

So before you send out the next email invite to your colleagues, consider your options. There are plenty of ways to communicate with others that avoid the need for a meeting at all. 

With Camflare, you can communicate clearly and efficiently through recording your screen, video or audio. 

Here are some examples where it's all you need...

Participants are in different time zones

It’s just not always feasible to arrange a convenient time for everyone to be in on the meeting, resulting in either the date getting pushed back or certain people having to miss out. By sending over the information in the form of a short video, everyone gets the information they need in a format that is still very personable. It also means that the content can be watched back in everyone’s own time, so no one misses out. 

Teaching a new skill

Instead of having a meeting, why not record a quick video clearly explaining how to do whatever skill it is you’re wanting to teach? This way, everyone has a copy of the instructions they can refer back to if they get stuck. With Camflare you can write out your notes first to keep it concise, and read back using our teleprompter. If what you are explaining requires a visual aid, you can also use the screen recording feature so that everyone can see first hand what it is they need to do. 

When the meeting takes less than 15 minutes

Adding the time that it takes participants to pause what they’re doing, everyone to arrive and introduce themselves, meetings can take a while to get to the point. If you’re constantly having lots of short meetings, it’s going to end up taking more time than anticipated. Try using video or audio memos for shorter, digestible pieces of content that again can be listened to in everyone’s own time.

Status Updates

Since these usually require one person to be speaking and the others just to listen and learn, status updates don’t really need to be in the form of a meeting. If it’s too long to put in an email, upload a quick video. You could set up a session link in Camflare specifically for these updates so that whenever anyone has an update, it gets uploaded automatically into a shared dropbox folder.

If you’re looking to save time, Camflare is simple. It requires no software to download, and we’ve made it free for you to use throughout 2020. 

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