Use your Mobile Camera with Camflare

Camflare is the world’s connected studio, distributing a video recorder to anyone, anywhere that has with one link. Record, download and send the footage straight back to the person who requested for it (via Dropbox and other cloud storage providers).

Camflare solves many problems you never thought you had.

As of right now Camflare works with laptops and desktops only (Mac, PC & Chromebook) with internal and external webcams and audio sources. 

It can work with Android phones (but as the hardware is so disparate) it can be hit and miss with video. iOS devices are currently not supported (though we have something exciting up our sleeve - watch this space for news on our Camflare Mobile Apps for iOS and Android).

As your mobile camera is, in many cases, the best camera you own - how can you use it with Camflare?

There are many free and paid apps in the App Store and Google Play that allow you to connect your phone’s camera to your computer and use it as a webcam. As your phone’s glass, sensor and resolution is way better than a standard internal webcam, there is clearly a noticeable difference when using your phone.

Which apps are the best though?

Well, our top choice in the Camflare office provides a great solution for iOS devices connecting to a Mac or PC wirelessly. 

NDI HX CAM from Newtek ($19.99)

NDI is a technology which allows a camera to connect wirelessly through your home router to your computer. It’s a bit more of an advanced set up to a typical app, but isn’t that difficult really. 

Let’s walk through the set up.

  1. Download the NDI HX app on your iOS device (Download Here)
  2. Download the NDI Virtual Input software from Newtek (Download Here)
  3. Make sure you computer and iOS device are on the same network
  4. Open NDI HX app on your iOS device
  5. Open the NDI Virtual Input software on your desktop and select your device

Now when you open a Camflare studio link you should see NDI as a source in Video and Audio Input. 

*The audio can be a bit glitchy on NDI, but if you leave the audio set to your internal default, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Other Apps

Other apps we've tested that allow you connect your mobile camera vary in price, from free to £$50. 

In some cases you do get what you pay for - but not all cases! Let’s run through some of our top picks (this list will be updated as and when new apps are tested).

Camo (Reincubate) - Free or £34.99 for the Pro version (More Info)

 A fully featured app that works in a similar way to the above scenario. You need to download 2 apps to connect - but in the PRO version you get to change deep camera settings like lens and lighting, crop and focus. 

EpocCam (Kinoni) - Free or £7.99 (More Info)

 A neat application that gives you some cool controls, like NDI, USB and resolution control. Works on both Mac and PC - you just need to download the drivers. A simple and cost effective way to upgrade your camera.

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