Platform Update - Max Recording Length

Since the end of July Camflare has been in beta and free of charge.  😀 (This is so we can iron out any issues and turn your feedback in to the best version of Camflare there can be).

Since launch we have noticed that over 90% of recordings are below 10 minutes in length. 

And…when you break this number down further, it seems that less than 5 minutes is the real sweet spot for most.

After thousands of uploads and hundreds of hours of recording, we have noticed on rare occasions recordings over 30 mins may cause Chrome browser to become unstable and there is a high probability the browser could crash and lose your recording. Obviously not good! 

Because we are dealing with thousands of users and all have different machines - it’s almost impossible to fix 100%.

To combat this we are introducing a max length setting which limits your session length to up to 20 mins recording time -  in increments of 30 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes on Pro and Enterprise packages.

Of course you can still record unlimited times in a session, so you can get the content you need - it just makes it safer.

✅ From now, as default, all sessions are now set to 20 mins and you can change this when you create or edit your session.

*If you have already created sessions and you want these set to a lower amount, you will have to change them manually in every session.

What does means for your contributors in the studio?

When they are recording - they will see a timer on the screen, which will alert them when it’s getting near to the end of their session. Easy and pain free.

Download ‘So Far’

We are also trialing a download as you go feature, where you can hit the download button when you’re recording, to download a ‘so far’ version - which we suggest you do every 5 minutes. 

It just means that if you machine or browser does throw a wobbly, you have a good portion of the content.


We are continuing Camflare as a free tool for the whole of 2020, especially helpful we think as lockdowns around the world are still going to be in effect.

When we eventually revert to our paid tiers, they will stack up like this.

Free forever - up to 60 seconds recording, no Teleprompter, no Dropbox integration

Pro - up to 20 minutes recording, Teleprompter, Dropbox, Audio Sessions, Auto Upload/Download - access to the mobile apps for your contributors

Enterprise - as Pro with longer recording sessions and a branded studio link.

As you can see we are always thinking, tweaking and listening to your feedback. We hope you continue recording with Camflare and if you haven’t signed up yet - why not? 

Just hop over to and sign up with your email address. No Credit Card Needed.

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