Embed a Camflare Button On Your Website

Here at Camflare we’re all about streamlining processes - it’s at the core of what we do. Not only do we want you to be able to receive video and audio files as easily as possible, we want to make it simple for you to request the content you need from your audience. 

That’s why we’ve developed an embed button that is simple but eye catching to encourage people to contribute, whatever the project!
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How Does it Work?

When you create a new session in Camflare, click the ‘invite’ button, and then ‘Embed a Camflare button on your website’. 

Copy the html onto your website under where you want it and voila - you’ve got yourself a button.

When to use the Embed Button

If you’re trying to start a conversation on your blog, you can ask your audience questions and encourage them to reply with video for great shareable content later on!

If you’re planning to have a guest come onto your podcast or vlog, you can use it to ask fans to send in questions beforehand that can be used in your content to get more people involved. Check out our case study with Boxing Social for more information on how this could work for you.

Need a product reviewed? Collect videos in no time by adding this button on your page.

Holding an audition? This is the fastest way to collect video files from auditionees at home. 

Tip: when you create a session, ensure you select ‘prompt for name’,  which will mean your files are already named and organised in Camflare for you.

Got an idea?

Has this article sparked an idea for your own business? Record your comments or questions on this article, or on Camflare in general, by clicking the button below. 

It will automatically send back to our team after you've named the file. 

👆That's the power of Camflare.
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