Remote Video Content for Virtual Events

Are you thinking of creating a virtual event? Maybe a conference, seminar or awards ceremony? If you are, one of the most challenging things to organise is recording and receiving remote video and audio content from your presenters - in the best quality they can provide.

As Camflare was created with virtual events front of mind, it's the perfect tool to help you connect and receive content hassle free. And as Camflare records at the source of each user and not in the cloud, it doesn't record drop outs and jitter - giving you the best content possible.

Virtual events are now the new normal, a perfect way for a brand to continue to publish compelling content to engage with their audience, make revenue from sponsors and build relationships.
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The most common events are conferences, where a schedule of speakers are featured presenting insights on a specific topic. Normally these are one person videos, which can be up to 30 minutes in length.

Participants technical knowhow and the equipment they posses differs hugely from person to person. The latter is usually determined by equipment distributed by corporate companies, which is mostly underpowered computers that are just fit for surfing the web and editing spreadsheets and word documents.

While recording a 2 minute clip on a smartphone is a relatively easy thing to do, it does become hugely problematic if the length rockets to 30 mins - as phone storage is limited and transferring large files can be clunky. A lot of participants fall at this hurdle.

With Camflare, the process is much simpler allowing the speaker to concentrate on the content they're presenting, rather than the technicalities. 

As the conference producer you can create a session for each speaker in Camflare and send out a link. This link will take presenters directly into the studio, where they are presented with an easy to use layout. The recording and playback controls are familiar and there's even a teleprompter if they want to copy and paste a script to keep them on track.

Once they have recorded their content and they are happy with it, they can press upload and the file will start transferring back to your cloud storage via Camflare.

You can even set it to automatically download a copy to the speaker's laptop as redundancy, just in case their internet goes down.

This scenario takes into account a single speaker - what about panel discussions with multiple participants?


  • Download recordings
  • Recordings up to 30 seconds in duration
  • Record video up to 720p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • One concurrent admin user



Pay annually save 20% $240

  • Download recordings
  • Recordings up to 20 minutes in duration
  • Record video up to 720p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • One concurrent admin user


  • Download recordings
  • Extended recording duration
  • Record video up to 1080p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • Add your own logo to the studio
  • Unlimited concurrent admin users

* Maximum recording resolution when using Camflare's mobile app. Recordings made in web browser will match the maximum resolution of the camera connected.

Easy. Set up a session and distribute the link to multiple people. Then use a Voip service like Google Hangouts, Skype or Microsoft Teams to connect in real time.

Make sure all participants are wearing headphones and just before starting the discussion, press record on Camflare in each location. This means that everyone involved is recording a local copy of their discussion which, when you are finished, is then uploaded back to your cloud storage.

Simply download each file, sync them together in your video editing software and you have a great quality discussion ready for inclusion in your virtual conference.

Using Camflare in your virtual event strategy provides you with the content you need, without compromising on quality and giving your guests peace of mind. It works on Mac, PC and Chromebook in Chrome, which is used by over 70% of people online. So there's a high chance they don't even have to download anything!

Upgrade your virtual event content today, try out Camflare for free at

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