Video Editing Solutions

Once you’ve signed up to Camflare and collected your footage, you’re probably going to want to edit it. 

Not sure what software to use? It depends on what you need from it. 

Here’s a run down of your options to help you decide. 

Best for….Cost

Windows Movie Maker / iMovie

Both windows and apple come with basic editing software that’s free to use! These programmes really do only have the basics, but sometimes that’s all you need. 

You can trim the video easily, add titles and sound - so if that’s what you’re after, these software packages are for you!

Best for… On the go

Adobe Products

Sometimes, timing is important, how quickly a video can be turned around.

If you have, for example, a video on your phone that you want to post to social, it’s not always worth downloading to a desktop only to send it back again straight after. 

For this situation, you want an editing tool that you can use on your phone. For this, we’d recommend Premiere Rush - the mobile sister-app to Adobe’s industry standard Premiere Pro (more on that later). 

It’s a condensed version of the original, but it still has great functionality along with some great templates. Adobe’s currently allowing you to export up to three videos for free, but after that you will need a paid Adobe subscription to continue.

Best for… Professionals

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the go-to for most video editors. 

This software is the industry standard, and what you need if you’re more ambitious with your editing. 

It’s able to have multiple projects on the go at the same time, integration with other adobe applications, colour grading, layering and synchronisation - but this is just the start. 

If you’re putting together a side-by-side video for an event, visit our guide on how-to here.

Best for… Larger, more complex projects

Da Vinci Resolve

If you really want to get creative with your editing, Da Vinci Resolve has some powerful tools, notably its excellent colour grading. The whole application is £239, but you can download a free version which has almost all of the features that the paid version does.

Overall, there’s not just one ‘perfect’ editing tool - in fact there’s almost limitless possibilities. The best place to start is by considering your level of expertise, your budget, and amount of time you’re willing to spend on your project.

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