Why Record your Screen?

Did you know that as well as for high quality video and audio quality content, you can also use Camflare for screen recordings? 

This makes it a fantastic tool for creating tutorial videos for your audience or your team. When training your staff on new software, for example, it’s essential that the instructions are easy to understand, and hopefully don’t leave people with too many questions that will take up more of everybody’s time needing to go back over and explain. Where you are not able to hold training meetings face to face, sending instructions as text can leave aspects getting lost in translation. 

Screen recordings improve communication as they are able to convey information to your audience in a really efficient way. Audiences follow step by step in a way that is easy to follow as it is visual, and once made your video can be quickly uploaded for everyone to see, and refer back to later. You can also create a tutorial in hybrid form - using text and short clips of screen recordings for the more complex sections. Where you are looking to demo a program the viewers might not yet have access to, screen recordings are a great way for potential customers to gain insight into what you have to offer and see what it would be like to use your program. You don’t even need to download any software to start recording!

Camflare is currently being offered for free, and you record online. When you create your session, select ‘screen recording’ from the list, and when you begin you will have the option to choose what will be recorded. 

This could be the ‘entire window’, which means that everything you can see on your screen will be recorded, or alternatively you can choose an individual ‘application window’ or tab on the internet - it all depends on what you’re planning to record. Get started for free today, all you need to provide is an email address. Give it a go at camflare.io

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