3 Great USB Microphones for Podcasting

Camflare isn't just a video tool, it's great for podcasting too. You can add Camflare into your recording chain to provide isolated records for your host(s) and guest(s). 

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If you are already using Camflare for audio recording, then let's take a look at the 3 best microphones which can help level up your game. Perfect for recording content for meetings, presentations and podcasts themselves.

With so many usb microphones now available on the market, it can be a daunting task trying to make a decision on which one is best for your needs. This guide will help.

Razer Siren X

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Let's start with the Razer Siren X - a microphone that has been marketed towards gamers, but actually offers much more to a wider audience. Razer is a brand synonymous with high end pc gaming and this microphone doesn't let the side down. It is incredibly well built and really looks the part.

The microphone comes with an integrated mount, meaning you have a sturdy platform to broadcast from. It has an internal shock mount, which stops vibration noises and has an ultra precise pick up pattern - meaning it's focussed on the front of the microphone and not around the sides and back. This reduces echo in the room and is optimised for speech.

Another great feature is the built in headphone amplifier, allowing you to monitor the audio from the microphone itself.

In conclusion Camflare recommends the Razer Siren X is the perfect companion to a slick set up - looks the part (especially the green lights), offers good sound which is full and clean and is easy to set up.

Rode Mini NT USB

Buy Here (£99-£125)

Rode is the creator of the awesome Rodecaster Pro podcasting mixer, which has become a go to piece of equipment for high end broadcasters during the pandemic. It allows the connection of XLR microphones and has sound pads for jingles and clips. The Rodecsater can work as a brilliant surface into Camflare - but let’s leave that for another time.

The microphone we are talking about today is affordable, cute and really packs a punch. It's the Rode Mini USB.

Like the Razer it comes with it's own stand, but this time it allows you to angle the microphone. This is perfect for adjusting the position depending on how you present.

It too has a headphone amplifier, with a large volume dial on the front so you can turn up and down your headphone volume. It has a fast usb c connection, but can be adapted for usb 2 as well - it records at 48khz / 24-bit, providing clarity and true dynamic sound.

The team at Camflare love this mic for many reasons, though its size is a real true winner. It can easily be stored away in a rucksack or travel bag, so you can take this to meetings and on your travels. 

It's compatible with all systems Mac, PC and Chromebook - and no drivers need to be installed.

SAMSON Sac01Upro

Buy Here (£98)

This microphone has been around for a few years and is considered by many as the most bullet proof podcasting microphone there is. The reason? Well, it's rugged and well made, with a full metal construction. It has a true radio station style feel and delivers a great sound.

It's also under £100/$120 which means it's available to most people's budget.

Like the microphones mentioned previously, the Samson has a 1/8” headphone jack (3.5mm in old money) and has zero latency monitoring. This means you hear exactly what's being said at the time it's being said. It has a very smooth, flat response and the pattern is focussed for sound coming from the front, not around the sides and back.

It doesn't have a stand built in, but does come with a plastic mount which allows you to position the microphone comfortably on your desk. Though to get the best of it, treat yourself to an angle poised table mount - as that will allow to position the microphone just right for recording.

It's also a very clean sounding microphone. USB mics normally are, but this was the one that broke the mould for the price point.

Our team at Camflare love this mic too - especially as it's easy on the pocket and is built to last. Some would say that this would last you a life time!


  • Download recordings
  • Recordings up to 30 seconds in duration
  • Record video up to 720p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • One concurrent admin user



Pay annually save 20% $240

  • Download recordings
  • Recordings up to 20 minutes in duration
  • Record video up to 720p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • One concurrent admin user


  • Download recordings
  • Extended recording duration
  • Record video up to 1080p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • Add your own logo to the studio
  • Unlimited concurrent admin users

* Maximum recording resolution when using Camflare's mobile app. Recordings made in web browser will match the maximum resolution of the camera connected.

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*If you have any feedback on these or other USB microphones, please get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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