Apple iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, Pro Max Launch

It’s the biggest tech event this year. Apple’s release of the iPhone 12 on October 13th 2020. 

A year of Covid-19 deserves something this big to at least give us a chance to divert our attention away from the pandemic - if only for an hour or so.

Why is the Camflare team so excited? 

Well, it’s not exactly a secret that we are releasing our new Camflare App ecosystem for 2021 - so we cannot wait to see how amazing the camera, lens and processing is for providing (what we believe will be) the best performance from any smart phone, ever. If it’s all it’s hyped up to be, it will provide you with the ultimate video quality to go along with the unique platform we have here at Camflare. The perfect partners!

It’s just about to turn 6pm in the UK and 10am at Apple’s headquarters - so, let’s see what the iPhone 12 is all about and what Apple has in store for us…

Here we go…Tim Cook is in the house at Apple Park!
First up it’s the new HomePod Mini. A Google/Alexa/Bose style smart speaker. Looks cool. They say it sounds amazing with a 360 degree experience and has Siri built in. If you connect 2 together you get a stereo pair. Bring iPhone close to the device and it gives you haptic responses. Nice. $99 sounds like a steal!
Apple Homepod Mini


Apple HomePod Mini

It’s up - Tim says ‘Let’s talk about iPhone’.

  • Today it’s a new era of tech for iPhone - 5G is here. Which means much faster uploads with our new app from iPhone 12 to Camflare.
  • 4gbps download and 200mbps downloads - means speed, speed, speed! Incredible.
  • Looks nice, though it seems like it’s a little thicker - but it’s 11% thinner than iPhone 11? 
  • 5 colours, including RED.
  • Super Retina XDR display - amazing for pixel precision video. 2,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio for deeper blacks in your videos and better colour across an increased dynamic range.
  • The screen is the most durable material - ceramic shield - in any phone. Blinded by serious tech here!
  • New chip A14 - the fastest chip in a smartphone ever!
  • Hex Core Main Chip
  • Quad Core GPU << This is where the video comes in.

Let's see what the Camera is made of...

  • New dual camera with wide lens at f1.6
  • 7 Element lens
  • 27% better in low light
  • Computational photography with HDR 3
  • Night mode - incredible low light performance - also now on the front camera too!
  • Video is the highest quality of any phone << this is the news we need to hear!

Now on to how to charge this beast! Magsafe for iPhone is here. It makes wireless charging more efficient and faster to charge - up to 15 watts. It’s like what has been on the MacBook Pro for years. Snap with a magnet.

The environmental credentials are impressive too. Carbon zero and reducing harmful metals and materials from the production line. 

"iPhone 12 cuts the same as removing 450,000 cars a year." Impressive stuff.

Wait...What's this? The James Bond Music is playing...

iPhone 12 mini has been revealed as a surprise. Same features, just smaller. That threw us! A smaller, just as amazing Camflare studio.

Please be a big iPhone, please...come on Tim...please...Wait...

iPhone 12 Pro - BOOM! Now, this is the announcement we were waiting for.

  • 4 finishes - including pacific blue
  • IP68 up to 6 meters
  • MagSafe enabled - of course
  • 6.1” Display on the Pro base model
  • 6.7” Display on the Pro Max version
  • 2778 x 1284 resolution on the Max << Impressive
  • HDR Recording
  • A14 makes deep fusion even more detailed
  • Deep fusion hits all 4 cameras, including the front camera
  • Pro camera is the best on any phone - ultra wide 120 degree view - wide at 1.6 - 52mm telephoto - 4 x Optical zoom
  • Wait...Pro Max has more...
  • 12mp Telephoto 65mm
  • Wide f1.6 with new sensor - 47% larger
  • 87% better in low light
  • New Optical Image Stabilisation - like a DSLR
  • Cinematic Video << it looks stunning
  • New ProRAW file format
  • ProVideo Format 
  • "Homes are our studio" - Joz said this, not us. But he must be on the same wavelength!
  • HDR Video Recording - 10 bit HDR - 700 million colours << Seriously Pro guys!
  • Dolby Vision HDR recording - CRAZY!
  • iPhone grades live at 4k resolution and 60fps

iPhone 12 Pro also has LiDAR for room scanning and instant AR. This provides faster autofocus.
iphone 12 pro max


iPhone 12 Pro Display

In Conclusion

Oh my. This is the best Apple launch for years. The iPhone 12 is a serious beast, but it's the Pro Max that had us at "Hello". The chip combined with the camera sensors, lenses and 5G just make this a video powerhouse. Movies can and will be shot on this thing.

 It will be the best camera you have ever owned, that fits in your coat pocket and delivers performance that would have cost you hundreds a time at a studio. Wow. 

Our Camflare iOS app is dropping in January and teamed up with the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a mouth watering thought. To be honest though, any of these phones will deliver sector leading video - so take your pick. 

Imagine your contributors being able to shoot and share videos from this machine straight to your Dropbox, Google Drive or Camflare storage. I know, we have that tingle too. 

 Go pre-order yours at the earliest time and check back with us soon for the release of our App - as it's available for Android too it will be interesting to see if any other manufacturers release theirs for Christmas time.

And remember, if you haven't signed up to our platform yet, do it now. It's free until the end of the year!

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