How Camflare can work for your business

We designed Camflare to make your life easier. 

At first, we thought of it as a great way to improve the quality of at-home virtual event recordings. As our users grew, so did the use cases. So, how can Camflare help your business? 

Imagine this scenario: you’re looking to get more customers through marketing. How are you planning on doing this cheaply and effectively? Well, why not try video? 

It’s well known that video performs best on social media as a way of capturing and keeping your audience’s attention. Another aspect you want to encapsulate into your strategy is building trust - for which testimonials are perfect. Authentic and engaging.

So, you’ve got your strategy, and now it’s time to implement it. 

Check out this video we made to see how Camflare can do just that...
As you can see, Camflare is super simple to use, and can bring you content from all over the world in minutes. 

Take the complications of time zones, uploads and personal storage out of the equation, and sign up for Camflare today at

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