Camflare Update, September 2020

It’s been an amazing journey since our recent launch at Camflare so we thought we’d give you an update of what’s been happening, how people are using our platform and simplify what we offer (for those who are still a little confused).

Let’s start with… 

What is Camflare?

Camflare is a browser recorder which records great quality audio and video from your internal or external webcam and mic without downloading any apps. 

It’s not JUST the quality that makes Camflare great. 

It has a Teleprompter, so you can focus on your content and maintain engagement. 

It connects to cloud services, like Dropbox, so you can upload to the storage provider you trust (and sync with their apps).

BUT, most importantly, Camflare provides a unique solution to receive unlimited recordings from anyone, anywhere - from 1 link. That means if you are looking to get feedback or content from your global audience, just send 1 link out and wait for content to ping it’s way back to you. Yes, really.

It’s simple to use and works on Chrome - which is easy to download if you don’t have it. Over 70% of internet users already do.

Camflare solves so many problems - on-mass recordings back to one organised storage location, upgrading the quality of remote pre-recorded content, enhancing speeches, better quality isolated audio recordings for podcasters…and so many more!

The Journey So Far

Since our launch at the end of July, the stats have shown us that Camflare is fast becoming an important part of your online life. 

We have welcomed hundreds of users, from all around the world - who have collectively uploaded thousands of pieces of content, downloaded equally as much and transferred a huge amount of gigabytes to our launch storage partner Dropbox.

This has demonstrated to our team how Camflare provides a valuable solution in your online life. 

Here’s a sample of what users have been using Camflare for:

  • News and opinion gathering for journalists and broadcast media 
  • Leaving videos (where you need to connect with a global workforce) 
  • Recording content for virtual events
  • Isolated recordings for video and audio podcasts
  • Management speeches for internal communications
  • Testimonials for marketing communications
  • Reviews
  • Auditions for dance and acting positions
  • Recruitment - online CV
  • Radio, DJ & Twitch video and audio voicemail

User Spotlight - Archant Media

One of our latest users is Archant Media, who have adopted Camflare as the perfect tool for collecting opinions and news pieces from their journalists and audience at the Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News websites. 

Neil Perry, Archant’s Visual News Manager, recognised the very unique solution Camflare provides which gives him and his team the opportunity to embed a link in a story and receive content back - which they can use to create more video content for their online portfolio of news sites. 

As it returns to their cloud storage, it’s organised and easy to access. Especially if they have video editors in remote locations.

See how they’ve integrated it here 

What’s coming?

We always listen and respond to all of your messages and love to understand what can be added to Camflare to make it even better.

The one biggest aspiration from you all is MOBILE. You want, crave and need MOBILE…now.

Well, while we cannot release it today - I can let you in to the news that we are developing this solution as we speak.

We aim to have our native solution for iOS and Android in the forthcoming months and this will transform Camflare into a platform which will let anyone use the awesome cameras they have in their phones. Of course, together with Teleprompter and our amazing transfer technology.

As we are a small team, it is going to take a little bit of time - but we promise you that it’s going to be worth it.

On top of MOBILE will we be adding Google Drive and other storage services too. These will be staggered and delayed a little, due to MOBILE development and the fact that Dropbox is just so amazing! But they will be coming.

So a whole lot of cool stuff to look forward too.

Again, a massive thank you for using our platform and we hope Camflare continues to help you moving forward. 

If you haven’t yet signed up - it’s free, why haven’t you? It takes 30 seconds and you just need an email address. 

Join now at

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