Collaboration for Creative Teams

Ask any creative and you’ll know that they’re all used to working on their own for long periods of time. They’re renowned for being introverts, and are usually found in front of their laptops, working for long, uninterrupted hours on perfecting their project in private.

That being said, collaboration is still an extremely key part of working on a creative project. With everyone working from home, many people have felt a boost in productivity from having less meetings and interruptions to their creative flow. 

So, there are benefits. But communication is still such a key element in production, especially when there are multiple people working on it with you. Without sharing a physical workspace with those others, or having regular meetings, how can we adapt to make sure everyone’s working together productively, and staying in line with the brief? 

Recording short video updates on Camflare is both the simplest and the least time consuming method for doing this, and here’s why...

Work on your own schedule

Rather than having to find a time when everyone can talk at once, you can send this when you’re ready, and playback other people’s when you have time. This way, no one gets interrupted!

Keep your updates more regular

Rather than having to ‘save up’ updates and feedback, you can fire off your questions as soon as you have them - so you don’t forget anything. These can be referred back to at any time, so they won’t be missed!
Share your work without having to render

Ever spent hours rendering out your video or animation, only to discover it’s not what the client was expecting? 

Using Camflare’s screen record, you can record short clips showing off what you’re doing that upload instantly without you having to download yourself.

Flexibility and ability to adapt are key to thriving in changing environments, and Camflare is the ideal tool to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Sign up for free today, and get creating at

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