Tips for Teleprompter Greatness

Find yourself recording rambling videos that go on for too long without clearly conveying your message? Constantly lacking eye contact in your content because you’re looking down at your notes? Our in-built teleprompter is here to help. We’ve designed it so that your script is displayed on screen whilst you record, and it’s fully editable too. 

And to ensure you’re getting the most out of this handy feature, here are some tips for you...

Practice first

Read through the script before you start; familiarise yourself with the sentences and the structure. It may sound simple - but it really does make a huge difference! 

If you’re finding it to be too much of a mouthful, maybe consider simplifying what you say. Remember, your audience will be looking for content that looks natural and flows - having confidence in what you’re saying is key to making your video successful.

Adjust the text to make it larger

As a general rule of thumb, the text should be slightly larger than you first think. If you find yourself having to squint, this could affect your delivery. Additionally, larger text means that your eyes are moving less, so it’s less obvious that you’re reading off your screen.

Adjust the pace

With Camflare, you can adjust the speed at which the text scrolls to suit your reading style. This is different for everyone - so take your time to make sure you’re comfortable. 

Be confident

Remember - the teleprompter is designed to assist - it should be making your presentation easier, not taking it over. Give yourself time to get used to it, and then get back to the main event: you, and the subject of your video. 
Combine all these tips, and you’ll be reading like a pro in no time. 
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