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Anyone who’s found joy in watching the IT Crowd knows that there are times where it feels as if IT support and the client are speaking a different language. 

Understanding the nature of a problem from its description when the client is in a completely different field of expertise can often be challenging, and a lot of back and forth.As much IT support is done remotely, IT teams were uniquely prepared for the large scale switch to this way of work back in march. 

Nonetheless, not being able to get your hands on someone’s computer and look at the problem first hand has been a major stumbling block in the way of progress. The dialogue is slow, and understanding between both parties can take valuable time. This is why screen recording is such a great idea.Each problem is so unique and there is so much room for error at every stage. With a screen recording, the client is able to explain their problem simply by enacting it, which is the fastest possible way to convey the information. 

Just wanted to say that I've only been playing with this for a day and I'm wildly impressed. I can see this being incredibly useful.


Christopher Dwyer

From the technical side, you can see exactly what browser, interface, settings etc they are using without having to ask multiple problems. Your response can also be speeded up with a screen recorded tutorial assisting them with the solution, so they can see exactly where and what they need to click at each stage. 
So why aren’t screen recordings more widely used? The main problem is that they are viewed as being time consuming to download and record. With Camflare, this is not the case. It takes seconds to sign up and create a session, and if your company has signed up, the client doesn’t even need to do that. Plus - no download is required! Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Sign up to Camflare for free (just put in your email address)
  2. Connect your Dropbox 
  3. Set up a session link, and change the type to ‘screen recording’
  4. Send out this link to your client
  5. They will have the choice to record their entire screen, or individual windows
  6. Wait for the file to be uploaded to your Dropbox

We know that communication without being face to face is harder, but with Camflare we’re hoping to bridge that gap and open the dialogue once more. 

You can try it for yourself at - did we mention that it's free throughout 2020?

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