Teaching with Camflare

With the world adapting to the new normal, many professions have had to change the way they work from physical interactions to digital. And nothing has been disrupted more than schooling.

With schools closing for many months and home schooling falling on the shoulders of parents,  it’s been a truly testing time. 

Teachers have experimented with live meeting tools like Zoom and Hangouts - and while that does provide a solution to some degree, it is time consuming. Also, if you want chat to one pupil on their own, the platforms don’t really lend themselves to that very well.

Here at Camflare we have seen our platform used to provide a much more time efficient and effective service, where teachers have recorded a lesson in their browser, then shared the file out to the class. The great thing is, as long as the lesson is relevant to the syllabus, it can be shared again in the future - thus cutting down the amount of work. Genius!

Also, teachers are creating individual pupil recordings, where they can feedback their thoughts. And pupils are using Camflare to respond to their teacher too - with every record neatly returning to a secure folder in teacher’s Dropbox storage.

As they are pre-recorded videos, there is a record of everything - which is awesome for reviewing and referencing in the future.

This scenario is super easy to set up and can be done in seconds.

  1. Join Camflare (30 seconds)
  2. Add your Dropbox (>60 seconds)
  3. Create a session for each pupil (10 seconds each)
  4. Send the individual links out to each pupil.

It’s not only great for lessons, it can be a highly creative tool in many different ways. 

What about reading?

Get each pupil to read a chapter of a book and then edit them together and share the file to the class. Or do it chapter by chapter. Or use it for video diaries, to chat about what they got up to over the weekend and share the files with the class. All possible in Camflare...for free!

The only limit is your creativity (and your cloud storage).

Start teaching and sharing files with Camflare today for free - join up at www.camflare.io

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