Collect and Share Celebratory Video Messages for Free

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Camflare is a free, easy to use platform allowing you to request and receive high quality videos (and audio) messages from your friends, family and work colleagues. 

Download videos and use your favourite editing software to create high quality video montages for virtual gifts or just share each video directly from Camflare.

👇 Record us a message and see how easy it is.

It's free!

Compare Camflare and you'll see it's a no brainer! 

Our free plan will always be free and you can use it to create unlimited video records  via our mobile and Chrome apps  (up to 30 seconds per take) to your Dropbox.

Vidday charge every time you use their service. 

$5 for 0-3 minutes, $24 for 10-20 minutes and an extra $12 per 10 minutes there after.

Vidhug charge every time you use their service.

$15 per occasion.

What are you waiting for?

Say congratulations, happy retirement, happy anniversary, happy birthday, good luck or just a big thank you. Say it all with Camflare.

Starting using Camflare today to record unlimited video wishes from people anywhere on any device!
*As long as you have enough space in your Dropbox, Camflare will deliver! Get a 2gb free Dropbox account here - enough for 110 minutes of video storage.

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