Instant Recording Notifications

Thank you for your feedback on Camflare, especially your feature suggestions. (btw - you can do this any time by emailing us at [email protected])

The most requested topic is mobile compatibility. This update unfortunately doesn’t cover this - but we are in development and will have news on this huge step forward in the next month or so. #exciting

Second in line of importance is how you are notified about recordings that are created from your audience. You asked us for a clear visual indication if a recording is sent back to you.

Well, if you have the Dropbox app connected you would get a notification from them, but if you were just in Camflare - why can’t you get a notification there? Fair point…

Well…now you can!

Every time a recording pings back to you, a notification will show by the ‘Recordings’ tab. The number will reflect the amount of recordings (up to 10). Then display a 10+ sign, if more are ready for viewing.

If you click through to ‘Recordings’, you will then see all latest recordings tagged with a ‘NEW’ label.

At the time of writing this we are also adding an email alert system to this notification method, which will be live soon. 

You will be able to turn this on or off in your settings tab. This is handy if you’re needing alerts on an important project - be it could equally be annoying if you couldn’t turn it off. So that’s why we are giving you the choice.

We really hope this helps you when using Camflare and makes the experience more enjoyable.

If you’ve found this article by searching Google and haven’t yet joined Camflare, you can do this at - it’s free for the rest of 2020 and is essential if you require thoughts, comments and content back from your audience in video or audio form.

What is Camflare?

Camflare allows you to create 1 link which turns into an unlimited video or audio recorder. Send that 1 link to as many people as you need to and add a teleprompter if you wish. Your audience can record in Chrome browser (*mobile apps and desktop apps coming soon) without having to sign in. Your content instantly returns to your Dropbox, storage you already know and trust!

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