5 Video Testimonials to Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign

Once your product is on the market, it’s time to start advertising it. With everyone still stuck at home for the foreseeable future, video content can present a challenge. 

This is why we recommend the video testimonial - not only can these be filmed by your customers from their own home, but it also results in genuine content that is achievable on any budget. Video testimonials allow you to connect with your audience, explain what your product is and how it can solve a problem. 

With Camflare, the collection process is automated to take the stress out of filming both for you and your customers.
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Video Testimonials Really Work

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We’ve written more about why they’re important here - but if you’re still stuck on how to do one, we’ve also gathered some effective examples to inspire you:

1) Unboxing Videos

UrAverageConsumer on YouTube

Judna Aura shares his unboxing videos on all things tech with his 3.07 million followers. When you reach out to influencers to review your product, you’re not just sharing with them but with their entire audience as well, which makes it a great way to massively increase brand awareness of your own product. 

We love his unboxing videos for the clearness with which they explain the product, demonstrating them in use. What makes Aura’s unboxing videos so good at converting audiences into paying customers is that he’s made a name for himself as an expert in his field, so his audience is trusting of his opinions. 

It’s worth noting that Judna focuses very much in the technology field. This makes him great for reviewing computers, headphones and software, but you’d want to find someone else to review, for example, toys, because otherwise you will be reaching out to a large audience - but not your target one.

2) Celebrity Endorsements

Trixie Mattel and Katya Reaction videos on Netflix

The co-hosts of YouTube mini-series ‘UNHhhh’ might not seem to be the obvious first choice for Netflix to advertise their shows in terms of relevancy to their brand, but thanks to their popularity and deeply entertaining humour, Trixie Mattel and Katya make for super engaging content, no matter what they’re talking about.

And it must be working, because Netflix are utilising the pair to advertise shows from ‘The Crown’ to ‘Big Mouth’. Trixie Mattel and Katya remind us that whilst testimonials should be informative, they can also be fun. 

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3) Build a Complete Picture with Multiple Testimonials In One

'Dear Apple' Marketing Campaign

Big names aren’t everything. In some instances, the best way to advertise your brand is to do so in a way that involves using people who are relatable to the audience you wish to target. 

It’s no surprise Apple made this list - whether you’re a fan or not, their marketing is exceptional, and their budgets are far beyond what most of us will ever experience. 

However, the strategy behind this particular campaign can be copied, and you can build trust by collecting a diverse range of customer testimonials to form a larger image of your brand overall.

4) Use Graphics to Engage

McKesson Testimonial for Yum Yum Videos

If you’re worried about how to keep your production values up whilst using home-shot video content, this video by Yum Yum Videos shows you how to do this by adding graphical elements.

Text helps keep the video engaging by breaking up the video into more digestible chunks. Animation is a nice bonus if available, but even still graphics, or pulling out short quotes as the speaker talks, will work nicely.

5) Break the Rules and Be Creative

Channel 4 'Complaints Welcome'

How about something different? Channel 4 flipped the idea of a testimonial video on its head when they released this advert in 2019, getting presenters and actors to read out real complaints made about them. 

Not only did it showcase their brand’s personality and diversity, it ended up going viral and has been viewed over a million times. 

So if you find your ideas don’t fit the standard format, there’s a real chance here to shake up expectations and experiment with format.

Using Testimonials for your Brand

Testimonials remain a powerful method for converting your viewers into customers, as well as being a useful tool for you to connect with users and stay engaged in their interests. 

Here at Camflare, we’ve automated the process of collecting video testimonials, making it easier than ever to achieve whilst working remotely!

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