How to Build a Personal Brand Online

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn is a great way to promote yourself to others, but it takes a lot of work and can be disheartening not seeing your work go anywhere. Here are some tips for building a personal brand that will engage others and make you stand out to companies online.

1) A conversation goes both ways

Of course what you really want is to promote yourself, but if you only go on the platform to shout about yourself, people aren’t going to pay attention and you’re not going to learn anything. Have a look at what others in a similar field are talking about, and leave comments on pieces you are interested in! Joining groups will also really help put you where the conversations are happening. 

Not only will this get your name appearing in more people’s feeds, but you might earn some valuable connections along the way, and that’s what social platforms really should be all about.

2) Define yourself

Who are you? What makes you different? What are you looking to get out of forming a personal brand? If you want to reach out to others, you first need to figure out the answer to these questions.

People want to know who you are and why they should pay attention to you. LinkedIn offers you the chance to show yourself off as an individual, and you should take full advantage of this! Putting yourself in front of the camera is a really effective way to achieve this in an authentic and personal way.

Video continues to perform strongly on social feeds, so even if it’s not in your comfort zone, it’s really worth giving it a go! We’ve put together some tips for feeling more confident on camera, as well as recommendations for editing software once you’re done.

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3) Stay Connected

A great and simple idea for sparking engagement is to host a Q&A session. Ask your connections to send in their questions via video, and use them to make a video of your responses. Using a single link, Camflare allows connections to send you their videos directly into your Dropbox!

If you feel nervous being on camera, including questions from other people might help you take the pressure off. It will also help ensure that the content you’re creating is relevant to your audience. With Camflare, we’ve made the whole process as simple as possible!

Request content from your followers with Camflare


  • Download recordings
  • Recordings up to 30 seconds in duration
  • Record video up to 720p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • One concurrent admin user



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  • Download recordings
  • Recordings up to 20 minutes in duration
  • Record video up to 720p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
  • One concurrent admin user


  • Download recordings
  • Extended recording duration
  • Record video up to 1080p*
  • Unlimited number of remote contributors
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Teleprompter
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  • Unlimited concurrent admin users

* Maximum recording resolution when using Camflare's mobile app. Recordings made in web browser will match the maximum resolution of the camera connected.

4) Be consistent

As you develop your personal brand over time, audiences will follow you with certain expectations in mind. If you suddenly change the types of content you’re making, or stop posting at all, you may find your numbers beginning to drop. You do need to put work into developing your brand, but it shouldn’t consume all of your time!

Luckily, there’s plenty of software out there can make processes easier for you, such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social for scheduling, Canva for quick graphics, and (of course we’re going to mention ourselves here) Camflare for requesting, recording, and receiving video content!

5) Be Creative

Being consistent doesn’t mean you should post exactly the same thing over and over. The great thing about social media is that it is way less formal than other mediums. There’s plenty of room for experimentation so that you can find your niche, doing something that you love. 

There isn’t one hard and fast rule for succeeding on social media. This guide aims to spark ideas to get the ball rolling for you, but ultimately - it’s all up to you, and what you’re going to gain from it! 

Authenticity should be at the heart of everything you do, and as long as you remember to enjoy it, you’re doing it right.
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