Guide to Camflare

Our guide to getting the most
out of Camflare

The easiest way to record & receive video

The Easiest Way to Record and Receive Video

Camflare is a new web application that allows you to record and receive video in the easiest way possible.

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Camflare Webcam Recording Studio

How to Easily Record a Video and Send It to Someone

Instructions on how to easily record video using your laptop's webcam and send the file to someone with a share link all in a web browser with no app required.

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Welcome to Camflare

Camflare Tutorials

Camflare is an online webcam based virtual recording studio for collaborative content creation and with high quality video transferred straight back to you.

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Camflare Logo

What is Camflare?

Camflare is a simple and effective solution to record audio and video remotely without downloading any apps from contributors anywhere in the world.

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