Guide to Camflare

Our guide to getting the most
out of Camflare

Video Editing Tips

Video Editing Tips

This video editing tips guide will provide you with a relatively simple checklist to take your content from the original to a professional, branded final piece. Sign up for free at

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Video Editing Software

Video editing solutions

Looking for video editing solutions to help you create the best video from your Camflare recordings? Then these may help... Sign up for free at

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Prepare for video call

How to prepare for recording a video

Producing great content on Camflare should be easy - so we’ve produced a quick checklist to run through before you start to ensure that it is! Try now for free at

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Screen recording

Why record your screen?

Easily record your entire screen or a chrome tab with Camflare. Brilliant for simple training or showcase videos. Sign up at

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Birthday Messages

Celebrating important moments long distanced

Create video messages for free with Camflare - for birthdays, weddings and anything for when being there in person isn't an option.

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Side by Side Video Production

Create side by side videos

Remote chats using webcams can be easily recorded in high quality online using Camflare, a great starting point for creating a slick side-by-side interview of discussion video remotely.

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Record Video In The Cloud

Don't record in the cloud

Ever wondered why your video recording from online chats and interviews isn’t as good as you’d expect it to be? It's down to recording in the cloud.

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Enhance Zoom Video

Enhance Zoom, Hangouts & Skype video content

Enhance Zoom, Hangouts & Skype Video Content by using Camflare in each location. Add an isolated record to make sure the quality is the best it can be.

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Voicemail for Radio and Podcasts

Voicemail for radio and podcasts

Unlimited audio voicemail recording for radio stations and podcasts. Get your audience to be part of the show and receive their comments back t your secure cloud storage.

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Video Surveys With Camflare

Video surveys with Camflare

Receive answers to surveys in video form from your customers and audience. It's a fantastic way to get more detail than just with a text form alone.

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Story of Camflare

The story of Camflare

Who's behind Camflare and why was it created in 2020 to help record and receive video online.

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Organising Video Files

Organising your project videos

Staying organised is hard. Once your computer starts to feel messy, it’s difficult to regain control, especially when you’re balancing multiple projects at the same time.

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Better Video Quality

How to improve your video quality

Improve your video quality for presentations and remote content by following some simple steps.

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Voiceover Recording and Auditioning

Audition tool for voiceovers and voice agents

Allow voiceover artists to record auditions online in their browser and instantly upload them straight to a voice agent's Camflare account.

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Youtube Webm Conversion

How to convert Webm to MP4 with YouTube

Webm format is a flexible and widely-used video format online, it can easily be converted to a standard MP4 file using some free online tools including YouTube.

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