Guide to Camflare

Our guide to getting the most out of Camflare

Organising Video Files

Organising your project videos

Staying organised is hard. Once your computer starts to feel messy, it’s difficult to regain control, especially when you’re balancing multiple projects at the same time.

Better Video Quality

How to improve your video quality

Improve your video quality for presentations and remote content by following some simple steps.

Voiceover Recording and Auditioning

Audition tool for voiceovers and voice agents

Audition for voiceover jobs using Camflare's audio recording studio. Great for voiceover agents too, allowing quick and easy demo distribution.

Youtube Webm Conversion

How to convert Webm to MP4 with YouTube

Camflare records in Webm format, which for a majority of cases is perfect. Here's how you convert your Webm to industry standard MP4 using YouTube. It's free and quick.

Usb mics for podcasting

3 Great USB microphones for podcasting

Record isolated audio for podcasts with Camflare. Here are our 3 favourite usb mics and why they should be considered for your content with Camflare.

Virtual event videos

Remote video content for virtual events

Record the best quality remote video content with guests and speakers for virtual events with Camflare.

Video interviewing for recruitment

Effective video interviews for recruitment

Start recruiting with video interviews and video CVs. Simple to implement and no apps to download. Get a better view of your candidates.

Customer Video Testimonials

Your story with customer video testimonials

Create quick and easy customer testimonial videos from your audience. Your audience can simply record in the Camflare studio, without downloading any apps and uploading straight back to you.

Recording quality podcast audio

Quality audio recording for podcasters and podcasts

Isolated audio recordings for podcasters and podcasts. Remove people coughing and talking over each other by independently recording each guest and host stream with Camflare.

Camflare Prompter

Camflare's teleprompter makes recording a script easy

Turn your laptop into a complete teleprompter. Camflare allows you to recorder audio or video while reading from a clear and easy to follow cue.

Video recording for auditions with Camflare

Create and share audition videos

Use Camflare to create sessions for your talent, so they can easily record auditions and send them back to you. The auditioning process has never been so easy!

Camflare for Marketing

Marketing videos with Camflare

Increase your online marketing engagement with easy to record videos from your audience using Camflare.

The easiest way to record & receive video

The easiest way to record and receive video

Camflare is a new web application that allows you to record and receive video in the easiest way possible.

Camflare Webcam Recording Studio

How to easily record a video and send it to someone

Instructions on how to easily record a video using your webcam and send it to someone with a share link, and no login or app required.

Welcome to Camflare

Camflare tutorials

Find out how to make the most of Camflare from getting started and sign up, through to creating a session and recording in the Camflare studio.